Related article: Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 23:04:40 CST
From: Ari Ryven
Subject: Forget About Letting Go- "Newletter"/season ender*===========================*
||=Forget About Letting Go=||
*===========================*Hi guys, Ari here. FALG has reached its Catharsis. Catharsis will be the longest hardest for me to write of all the
chapters and yes, It will be the last in this stage of Josh, Aaron, Trevor,
Becky and James' lives. I will tell you this, "Forget About Letting Go" is the first part
(provided I manage to keep writing up to par) of an even larger series that
will be worked on as I myself trudge on through my own Trials and
Tribulations of life. I'm quite immersed with school work, currently along
with trying to get Catharsis out, I've got to find time to memorize 5 or 6
different scripts for my acting activities. Currently I have three other story projects in the works which I
will keep you posted on. My first order of business will be latina preteen clits
to finalize
FALG with Catharsis. Meanwhile, in development is a sort of prequel to
FALG, which I've already titled Bleeding For Your Apathy. It's gotten as
far as plot and character development thus far. The other projects are
still extremely developmental and may never see the light of day. I hope you guys enjoy chapter 19 and Catharsis will be along as
soon as I can whip it out. Meanwhile, I'd like to thank Alex (my dearest
fan), Joshua (I love you so much, you've helped me through a great deal I
pray that god watches over you in these troubled times), Tray (I love you
baby, you mean so much to me and have inspired me anew!), Robbie (you gave
me confidence), and Comicality. If it weren't for the genius behind New
Kid I never would have become interested as I am in this non nuded preteen
booming genre of
writing. wet preteen models A sincere thanks to all my fans who have stuck out the 20 chapter
run of FALG (19 so far) and all the inspiring, conspiring, expiring,
perspiring....hmmmm....OH! Sorry about that guys...Thanx for listening to
my rants.... I'll be back! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!Luv and Hugz,Ari Ryven
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